I spent most of the summer in Sardinia – on a small Island to the south of the mainland. I made a conscious effort this year to really switch off, and enjoy the simplicities of life. Listening to the sounds of the sea, enjoying it’s beautiful emerald colours or “Smeraldina” as the Italian’s call it, eating fresh local produce and watching the sky turn pink at every sunset.

The last few months have been extremely hectic, and as much as I wanted to create new content for the blog – I didn’t want it to be rushed.

I’ve been working as the Creative Director for an exciting new project – set to launch in the next few months (I will tell you more as soon as I can).

It’s a concept that has taken me back to my pharmaceutical science days yet combines perfectly with my creative work today – all very serendipitous.


Kiko Beauty Energy Mascara No.1&No.3



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