Lash Flick Defaf Alamri


A winged liner is not the only way to create a beautiful flick to the eye.

For a clean doe-eyed look, I used a few cut out lashes (from a strip of lashes) to the outer corner of the eye to open and elongate.

Lining the eyes very close to the lash line, leaving the lashes to create the flick.


To start, I cut clusters of lashes from their strips and played around with where best to place them on the eyes to create the flicks . You really don’t need that many. I used two pieces per eye.

The lashes I used are from a Japanese brand – Dolly Wink, they lend themselves nicely to this look. However any lashes which are already quite clustered or separated and come to a nice point, will work great too.

To highlight the eyes, I dabbed on a translucent layer of Shu Uemura’s white glitter eyeshadow. I lined the waterlines with Kiko’s white glittery pencil lip gloss (which worked perfectly inside the eye).

 Follow this by thinly lining the eye with black gel liner first, going over it with a little liquid liner to deepen opaqueness of the black.

Coat the lashes with a few layers of mascara, brushing any clumps out with an eyelash comb.

Keeping the quite look monochrome, I added a flush of colour to the cheek and lips only with one of my favourite matt formulas around – YSL’s Kiss and Blush in Epicurien.


MAC Lashes No.7

MAC cosmetics Lashes 7

MAC Lashes  No.33
MAC cosmetics 33 Lash DA

Shu Uemura White Glitter No.906

Shu Uemura White glitter pressed eyeshadow 906 DA

MAC In Extreme 3D Black Mascara

MAC Cosmetics In Extreme 3D Black Mascara DA

Urban Decay Glide On Eye Pencil in Yeyo

Urban Decay 24 7 Urban Decay glide on eye pencil yeyo DA

YSL Kiss and Blush in Epicurien

YSL Kiss and Blush in Epicurien


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